Welcome to our latest addition; our brand new farm shop is now open and offering a huge selection of local produce and food essentials.
From fresh fruit and vegetables to top quality local meat and dairy there is something in the farm shop that will appeal to everyone.
We're proud to stock local produce including George Adams pies and meats, Paceys bread, several local ales, Lincolnshire cheeses and our fresh cakes come with royal approval! and there's plenty of free range eggs, including duck eggs.
We stock specialist flours and gluten free products, there's a vegan section and all kinds of condiments and jams, sauces, dips and a spectacular selection of chocolates and nuts!
And not to forget there's five freezers brimming with Cook frozen food, fantastic meals for the freezer, tastier than takeaway and better for you!
With Fresh food delivered daily there's always something to treat yourself (or someone else)

Did we mention Black Shuck? Legendary Gin, Vodka and Rum.

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