• Rooster 2 kg Seed Potatoes

An all-rounder! Colour - red. Shape - oval. As seen on TV! Extremely popular; a unique all rounder; award winner. Maincrop variety. Albert Bartlett Seed Potatoes. (Albert Bartlett Seed Potatoes - If you love potatoes and fancy growing your own you'll soon come across the name Albert Bartlett. For over 60 years this family business has been Britain's leading grower and packer of potatoes - and what's more, they are committed to natural farming ideals. Gardeners love them!) Quality Control - following inspection our seed potatoes receive a certification number (see bag label). They are size graded within riddle size 35mm x 60mm to achieve the ideal size, although shape will vary due to season and variety. A final visual examination takes place prior to packing. Note: a 1kg pack of a typical variety should contain over 10 tubers.Bag Weighs Approximately: 2kg

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Rooster 2 kg Seed Potatoes

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