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Here at Baytree Pets and Aquatics we really do pride ourselves on the size and diversity of our departments. We stcok live animals, birds, reptiles and fish. Along with all the feeds and accessories you will need to keep them healthy and happy.

Check out a brief introduction to our various departments here, shop online or drop in and see us in store, there's always plenty to see and do.

Please note that livestock can only be purchased in-store.

Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

In our Cat and Dog section we offer a wide range of products which will keep your four legged friends in fabulous condition, along with all the feeds to suit all types of breeds and budgets. You are guaranteed to find the toys, feeds, beds or accessories that you are looking for, in our diverse and admirable pet centre.

Amazing ranges of toys and and treats will keep your pets entertained for hours! We also have on offer a wide range of beds to help them settle down for a cosy sleep at night, including beds for tiny kittens and also for the largest of dogs.

Cage Birds

Cage Birds

Our bird centre is filled with wonderful species from all around the world.

All the feeds to help keep your bird healthy and happy are available next to the bird centre along with toys and accessories to keep them busy throughout the day.

We have all the cages you could possibly want for your birds including homes for tiny baby Canary's to big powerful Parrot's; in styles which will suit all different bird loving personalities.

Small Furry

Small Furry Animals

Our furry animal section is filled with a whole range of species from tiny mice to cute fluffy rabbits and many more.

We stock a wide range cages, food and treats to keep your pet in tip-top conditionand of course toys to keep them entertained throughout the day.

Here at Baytree Pets and Aquatics our trained and passionate experts are always on hand to give any advice on caring for your furry friends so don't hesitate to ask.



We have over 100 indoor tropical and coldwater tanks filled with beautiful, colourful fish, that have the capability to lighten up any room! With such a range we naturally stock aquaria, and all the things you need to complete your very own underwater paradise.

We offer advice for all kinds of fish care and a water testing service too!

Seasonally we stock a wide range of pond fish, liners and water features.



A great range of invertebrates, lizards, amphibians, tortoise/turtles and of course snakes.

We have a wide choice of vivariums to house your reptiles and all the lighting and heating accessories to help keep them healthy and at the right temperature.

We also have a great selection of livefoods, including mealworms, locusts, crickets and many more. We stock up every week to guarantee that we have the insects you're looking for to treat your cold blooded friends!

About Us

Baytree Pets and Aquatics has been part of our award winning garden centre for over thirty years. From humble beginnings as a "Pets Corner" in the old barn, the department has seen incredible change over the years and now covers over 10,000 square feet. Such is our diversity and reputation we are as much of a tourist attraction as pet shop. Our indoor pond boasts spectacular koi carp and is rumoured to be home to more than one shark! There's always plenty to look at and plenty of sound, honest advice from our team. We have our own entrance located near the main gates to the car park, so there no need to walk the whole centre just to visit the Pet Centre - although to be honest why wouldn't you!

We also have a small selection of our massive range online for those who prefer not to enjoy a visit.


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