We have a great selection of reptiles in our pets and aquatics centre including species from all over the world. Our current stock list has a great range of invertebrates, lizards, amphibians, tortoise/turtles and or course snakes.

We have a wide choice of vivariums to house your reptiles and all the lighting and heating accessories to help keep them healthy and at the right temperature.

We also have a great selection of livefoods, including mealworms, locusts, crickets and many more. We stock up every week to guarantee that we have the insects you're looking for to treat your cold blooded friends!

Our reptile experts are always on hand to give you the best advice on what your pet needs to stay healthy and well. So don't hesitate to call us on 01406 372814 or e-mail us at pets@baytree-gardencentre.com



Current Livestock List

as at 12 noon 01/02/2017

Gt Mountain Horned Lizard 3 24.99
Anole 3 9.99
Western Hog Nose 1 70.00
Bearded Dragons 3 49.99
Boas 3 51.79
normal corn snake  19 29.99
Crested Gecko 4 39.99
Crevice Spiny Lizard 2 20.00
yellow Bellied Toads 2 13.99
Giant Stag Beetle 2 24.23
Goliath Birdeater 2 80.00
Hermanns Tortoise 19 129.99
Leopard Gecko 4 39.99
Millipede 2 7.16
Pygmy Leaf Chameleon 1 33.99
tarantula 8 16.99
Tunisian Eyed Lizard 1 139.99
 Turtles 3 24.99
Yellow Bellied Toad 3 7.15
Horsefield Tortoise 8 90.00
Blue Tongue Skink 1 120.00
 Scorpion 3 18.00
 royal Python  13 34.99
Axolotl 2 14.99
Frilled Lizard 1 139.99
male wonder gecko 1 29.99


Please note this list is purely a guide, although correct at time of publishing our stock holding can change very quickly please ring to confirm stocks before making an unnecessary journey.01406 372814


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