• Komodo Revitalive Reptile Recovery

Revitalive is ideal to use routinely whenever moving an animal to a new environment, such as when taking a new pet home.  It is an essential tool that should be in every animal keeper's first aid kit and having it immediately to hand can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.

When dissolved in water it provides essential electrolytes and water soluble vitamins.  Revitalive helps reptiles that are dehydrated, have a lack of appetite, diarrhoea or suffering from stress or shock.

Key Features:

  • Provides essential electrolytes and water soluble vitamins during period of stress convalescence and infirmity
  • Easy to mix and administer
  • Aids recovery from dehydration

Box Contents:

  • 5 x Revitalive 2g dry powder
  • 40ml mixing bottle
  • 3ml pipette

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Komodo Revitalive Reptile Recovery

  • Brand: Komodo
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  • £6.99

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