Fluval Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for tropical fish by neutralizing chlorine, chloramine and undesirable metals in aquarium water. Formulated with pure herbal extracts, it also visibly reduces stress infish caused by transportation, handling and acclimatization. Fluval Water Conditioner can be used when adding new water, setting up a new tank, transporting fish and also for coating scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts. This product is available in four sizes: 30 ml, 120ml, 250ml and 500ml. Each is designed to treat increasing volumes to provide better, longer-lasting value.

Pack SizeLitres TreatedPricePrice Per 100ml

Key Features

  • Complete tap water conditioner
  • Reduces stress for fish
  • Improves aquatic environments for tropical fish
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines in tapwater
  • Makes tapwater safe for fish
  • Coats and protects scales and fins
  • Neutralizes metal toxins

Dosage Instructions

  • To remove chlorine:  5ml treats 40L
  • To remove chloramine and to protect scales & fins: 10ml treats40L

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Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner 30ml/120ml/250ml/500ml

  • Brand: Fluval
  • Product Code: 15561183406
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