• Pentland Crown 2 kg Seed Potatoes

The oval shaped tubers of Potato Pentland Crown have white skin and flesh and have a lovely floury texture when cooked. It's perfect for boiling and mashing and has excellent disease and drought tolerance. Maincrop Seed Potatoes Plant chitted tubers from mid-April and start harvesting two weeks after the tops have died down, from late August through until October. All these varieties store well throughout the winter using our heavy duty potato sacks in a dark, airy frost-free place. Spring Planting Seed Potatoes Growing your own potatoes is incredibly rewarding and so easy to do! Our carefully selected range has a spud for every occasion, with varieties chosen first and foremost for their flavour and reliability. We are committed to supplying only the highest quality seed potatoes! In the main, we will only offer seed potatoes produced in mainland Britain, which are certified by either SEERAD or DEFRA and sorted to riddle size 30-60mm. Bag Weighs Approximately: 2kg

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Pentland Crown 2 kg Seed Potatoes

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