Developed to give the best possible start to your plants, shrubs and trees,  Vitax Q4+ provides all the advantages of the original Q4 but with the extra benefits produced by additional special components including mychorrhizal fungi, helpful bacteria and a range of plant biostimulants.

The extra components, particularly the mycorrhizal fungi which helps increase nutrient uptake,, encourage strong root development to help establish the plants, making Q4+ an ideal pre-planting fertiliser and base dressing for compost.

Q4+ contains all the plant foods and trace elements needed by plants and is suitable for roses, trees, shrubs, fruit, ornamental plants and vegetables.

Q4+ is also the perfect choice for enthusiast growers who make their own peat or coir-based compost.

NPK 4.8 - 7.1 - 7.9

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Vitax Q4+ 0.9kg

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